Friday, June 25, 2010

A New Beginning!

On the anniversary of the first public showing of Blade Runner, I present to you the new and improved OFF-WORLD NEWS!

The Off-world News was originally an email newsletter. When I took over the role, I created the Yahoo! Group. Now, this has transitioned to the blogosphere. This format is great in that it presents the photos and videos on the blog, without having to click on the links. And it is archived here for as long as there's Blogger.

Besides the usual posted news blogs, more links, subscription options, and a live Twitter feed from OFF-WORLD NEWS are also available here for all your Off-world needs!

And as an added feature, we present the Twitter OFF-WORLD Links! These are the archived volumes from the Off-world News Yahoo! Group. From time to time there comes a clever Blade Runner/DADoES related mention over the Twitterland feed. This is where I posted some of the highlights.

Welcome to the new and improved OFF-WORLD NEWS blog!

~ Kipple (A.K.A. ~ Craig Chicoine)

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