Saturday, September 11, 2010

All the stage is a world

The intersection of stage and film — the future of entertainment?

In an article written by Chris Conrad of the Mail Tribune, he writes how the film-to-stage experiment intrigues him. He mentioned a few movies that critics already consider "stagey", and then threw in his own picks. Among his picks was Blade Runner.

‘Tis new to thee.

I've heard of the desire of some wanting Blade Runner to be adapted to a musical in other circles before, so it's nothing new. It’s been all talk, of course. And I do stress talk. (Maybe fantasizing is a better word. Or, perhaps even a little mental masturbation.)

In any event, the columnist goes on to write, “My heart would swell and burst if some intrepid director could bring "Blade Runner" to the stage.” He’s certainly passionate about his conviction with wanting this "science-fiction stage show".

I must say, personally, I think it would be an awesome endeavour. If done cleverly, it could very well be the next best thing. Of course, there will be those against such an idea, just as there are those against a re-make, sequel or prequel. But, this would be different.

I was fortunate enough to be involved in a project that came close to the idea of bringing Blade Runner to the stage. I wrote lyrics to the splendidly crafted music of Marco Spatuzzi. And it was performed live, along side the movie Blade Runner, (link below).

Looking at some of the movies or television programs that have been adapted to musicals on Broadway might give you an idea of the possible success such a venture could have. Just to name a few:

Little Shop of Horrors

The Producers

The Addams Family

Is it the future of entertainment? For live entertainment, it certainly can be.

"Have a better one!"

~ Kipple


"All the stage is a world" article by Chris Conrad.

MEMORIA: Blade Runner ~ The Rock Project

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