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Blade Runner homage spoof - Bladder Run - Four Deadly Androids; One Bounty Hunter; We're in BIG trouble

We need your help to complete Bladder Run - a homage to Blade Runner.

Rex Dickard is a retired bounty hunter living in a sprawling city of the future. He is brought into the headquarters of his old boss, Frank Brian, by a new bounty hunter, Guff. There Brian briefs Dickard about four deadly escaped androids, Junior; Nora; Pritt and Ray Botty.

Dickard agrees to take on one last case, and begins his investigation at the Lorell Corporation, where he meets Raquel a repressed nymphomaniac and top of the line android.

As his investigation proceeds, Dickard encounters the various androids and his quest ultimately leads him to a show down with Botty - the overweight psychotic whose wobbling blubber guts - squeezed into lycra cycling shorts - are the most horrifying aspect of the entire story!
The Movie

Bladder Run began life as an 8 page skit written in response to the so called "Director's Cut" released in the early 1990s. Writer/director Mark Hevingham was lucky enough to see a sneak preview of the original 1982 release and has been a fan ever since. Having expanded the plot to a full 90 minute feature - and pushing it through over 25 versions until he was happy with the plot - took over a decade and the movie began to take shape in 2008 when Mark assembled a cast and crew.

Setting out to make copies of classic Blade Runner props and costumes was only the beginning. The movie grew from a project that could be filmed over a weekend into a full production with lights, HD cameras and authentic locations loaned by local businesses. During the first half of 2010 scenes were filmed that replicated the Tyrell building (Holdall interviews Junior, Dickard meets Raquel), Taffey Lewis' bar, the fight scene in the street and so on.

People such as, Charles De Lurizika and Paul M Sammon have previously metioned there support this project.

Heres a sneak peak of one scene in a VERY EARLY CUT!/video/video.php?v=16...

The following is a rough cut before grading, sound mix and FX smoke etc added

Sadly the owner of the HD equipment, including lights and mics, was forced to drop out in the fall of 2010 due to work commitments, leaving us with 30% of the movie completed and nothing with which to complete photography.
What will we spend your investment on?

This is where your funding will go. If you are willing to donate, we will purchase (its too expensive over a long production to hire) the following equipment:

At least one HD Camera - used second owner units sell for around £1200/$1800 on ebay

Audio recording equipment - including boom mic and tie mics (with radio transmitters) again good, low cost ebay equipment is available for less than $100 for a radio mic kit.

Lights - including spots, floods and diffusers

Location hire - this will be the rest of the amount and will eat into the budget and with a venue costing up to $500 a day you can see that we need to be creative and negotiate.
What you get

Any donation of $49 or less will be credited on the movie

Any donation of $50 to $249 will be credited on the movie, and receive a DVD or Blu-ray of the completed film

Any donation of $250 - $499 will be credited on the movie, and receive a double disc version DVD or Blu-ray of the completed film, signed by the cast and crew, and
be entered into a draw to win an original costume (Raquel's shades of gray two piece suit a unique one of a kind piece)

Any donation of $500 - $999 will be credited on the movie as a producer and receive a double disc version DVD or Blu-ray of the completed film, signed by the cast and crew, and
be entered into a draw to win an original costume (JFK Sebastud's "harlequin" jacket - a unique one of a kind piece)

Any Donation of $1000 to $5000 will receive an executive producer credit, a copy of the THREE DISC limited edition DVD or Blu ray which includes several shorts, out takes and documentaries not available anywhere else - plus a version of the movie showing a "lost" cut of the film with no voice over and different music. You will also be entered into the draw to win the ultimate Bladder Run fan package - one of a kind props and costumes bundle including Ray Botty's coat (a copy of the leather duster worn in the original movie) Dickard's tie (an EXACT copy of Harrison Ford's ties, The Mein Kampf prop based on Blade Runner's Voight Kampf machine plus a signed soundtrack CD selection which is limited to ONE copy EVER, which will come with a signed certificate. Finally you will win one of the three Dickard blaster guns which has light and sound FX built in

PLEASE HELP - send $10, $20 - or what you can afford - but please help us complete this movie!!


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You'd be doing a wonderful thing. :)

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  1. It is with very deepest sadness that I must report the death of one of the "Bladder Run" family. Dr. Kevin Bulmer was a great supporter of the movie, and supplied several props and many photos and magazine covers to be used in background scenes. He was always cheerful and helpful - giving without asking or expecting anything in return. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year a the age of 47 and passed away on November 12th this year.

    Kevin Bulmer October 5 1962 to November 12 2011. RIP