Saturday, February 19, 2011

Science Fiction - Connecting Gritty Live-Action and Animation Through Wall-E and Blade Runner

The article begins;

"Blade Runner is a dark, gritty science fiction film that “projects the nightmarish vision of the early twenty first century” (Bosnak 74). The city is dirty, overcrowded and chaotic due technology consuming society’s everyday lives. The film follows an ex-police officer Rick Deckard being forced out of retirement to hunt down and kill a group of escaped humanoid robots known as Replicants. It’s hard to imagine that such a horrific story would parallel Pixar’s animated film Wall-E in numerous ways. Scenery details, characterization and key symbolic items in both films correlate with one another. The difference in Wall-E and Blade Runner is in that they cross different genres, Wall-E with animation and Blade Runner with film noir (Doll and Faller 91). Naturally this cross produces different outcomes to particular situations, with Blade Runner obviously being far darker than Wall-E. Despite these differences, through looking at the science fiction genre and specific concepts and ideas within it, I am able to tie themes and situations in both films close together."

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