Thursday, November 10, 2011

OFF-WORLD NEWS UPDATE for October 17 - November 10, 2011

Keeping you up to date on all things Blade Runner

Blade Runner Papercraft

♫ Blade Runner Westwood Edition

FAN MADE: Stargate Studios Channels -- Blade Runner In This Short Film Titled "XXIT"

Podcast from Edge Radio 99.3 FM in Australia -- "Blade Runner Special"

Empire Magazine
Ridley Scott talks Blade Runner's future:

Blade Runner Comic Cover Homages

"Cutting Wilbur Mercer out of [Blade Runner] was like cutting the whale out of Moby Dick." ~Marc Haefele. More here->

Check out Blade Runner tribute by *Hideyoshi on @deviantART

Blade Runner: Conversations About the Film ->

A 1982 interview with Sean Young on Blade Runner ->

Blade Runner - VK test on Leon - Lego ->

Photo: Blade Runner Parody Beer Logo “Nexus 6 Repicant Pale Ale”

The Voight-Kampff Test -- for real ->

Blade Runner inspired Origami Unicorn design is now available on hooded tops:

Ridley Scott Says New BLADE RUNNER Will Be His Next Movie and “It’s Liable to Be a Sequel” ->

Does a Blade Runner sequel have you worried? It does this one fan ->

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