Thursday, December 1, 2011

Off-world News Update for November 12- 30, 2011

Keeping you up to date on all things Blade Runner.

Paul M. Sammon, the Author of Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner, talks with Alexis about his experiences and observations on set, the many obstacles that came up in production and the true message of the film. Interview was conducted live online November 30, 2011. The recorded interview is available to view below.

Blade Runner fan art by ebbewaxin.

Siva Six - Blade Runner ( Stardust ) music video.

Blade Runner fan-art ~ Rachael

Hong: "I'd love Blade Runner role"

Papercraft Blade Runner Police Spinner Perfect for Retiring Paper Replicants

Hal`s latest Blade Runner anime-style drawing

OPINION: Blade Runner and the Perfect Ending

Sci-Fi Movie Art - Avatar, District 9, The Matrix, Alien, Blade Runner & More:

Suspended License 001: Blade Runner. On this, their inaugural episode, Steven and Justin contemplate the sci-fi classic, Blade Runner. Real-time Voight-Kampff tests? Replicant free-running? FLYING CAR CHASES? These lovable hosts have seen things you people wouldn't believe… in their imaginations. And now you’ve got a chance to join in on the fun! Wake up… time to podcast. HERE.

Kevin Bulmer, BR prop maker, died. He supplied several props for the upcoming fan-film "Bladder Run". Below is a note from the director of Bladder Run, Mark Hevingham.

"It is with very deepest sadness that I must report the death of one of the Bladder Run family. My friend, Dr. Kevin Bulmer was also a great supporter of the movie, and supplied several props and many photos and magazine covers to be used in background scenes. He was always cheerful and helpful - giving without asking or expecting anything in return. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year a the age of 47 and passed away on November 12th this year. 

"I had obeyed his request not to phone for updates as he could no longer speak and sent emails, the last of which was picked up by his partner, Cate, early this morning. I can't begin to describe the sadness I feel at the loss of such a nice and talented person. He was a great bloke who deserved a long and healthy life, but I rejoice that I knew him for a while and that his suffering is now at an end." 

Kevin Bulmer October 5 1962 to November 12 2011. RIP Obituary.

MEMORIA ~ Blade Runner: The Rock Project Revisited 

Every once in a while -- out of the blue -- a melody from this project would come to mind. And it was that little inspiration that moved me to revisit the archives.

I found that there were more beautiful songs in this collection that had not yet seen the light of day. They were heard only by a very select few. They lay at rest in envelopes, cases and hard-drives -- awaiting their turn in the studio to be doctored and mixed. There are those few songs that will have to wait for their resurrection. But, I did find that there were some that I felt could be heard and still appreciated now.

Here is a link to the available songs: Blade Runner: The Rock Project.

Have a better one!

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