Sunday, April 1, 2012


Keeping you up to date on all things Blade Runner

Welcome to another edition of the OFF-WORLD NEWS UPDATE.

The KippleZone website has been undergoing a major overhaul. The DADoES/Blade Runner Glossary and the Douglas Trumbull articles have both been updated. And the Penfield comic strip has been brought back. Also, the long overdue fanfiction story, (the second half of the fanfiction story, Tomorrow Started) titled Awaiting Dawn is now up on the website.

“There’s no doubt that this racoon-makeup, her war paint, was something that was semi-inspired by Blade Runner. But, I wanted it to look like a mask that she could just take, you know, some grease paint on her black gloves and just smeared into her eyes and go, ‘Okay. I’m ready now. I’m hidden enough. I can respond now in a way that I always wanted to respond.’ ” -David Fincher, TGWTDT commentary



  • Matt and Ry The Movie Guy battle over which is the better dystopian future film: The Matrix or Blade Runner... Chicago media personality Pogo judges. Let the CinemaWAR begin!


by Craig Drake


"Time Enough" was performed at the scene where we are first introduced to the character Roy Batty. It is sung from his perspective while in the vidfone booth.

This is one of twenty-five songs from "Blade Runner: The Rock Project" -- music inspired by the movie Blade Runner.

Music: Marco Spatuzzi
Lyrics: C.A. Chicoine

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