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Welcome to another edition of the OFF-WORLD NEWS UPDATE.

We have some official news about the Blade Runner sequel! 

The new ‘Blade Runner’ movie will have a female protagonist!

Ridley Scott's Blade Runner sequel being penned by the original co-screenwriter, Hampton Fancher!

Ridley Scott says that Deckard will likely appear in the 'Blade Runner' Sequel, but won't be the focus.

Warner Home Entertainment To Release The 30th Anniversary Edition of Blade Runner on Blu-ray on October 2, 2012. More information HERE.

'Blade Runner' tops best sci-fi, fantasy, horror movie poll! More information HERE.

Tri Wyrd Event – The Blade Runner Tour
June 20, 2012 3:00 PM – 12:00 AM (ish)
Join Live Game Labs co-founder and LA Cocktails Examiner Aaron Vanek, a 20-year resident of Los Angeles on a memory-making tour of locations used in the classic 1982 movie Blade Runner. We’ll visit Deckard’s Apartment, Bryant’s Office, Sebastian’s Apartment Building and the 2nd Street Tunnel seen in the movie. More details HERE.

Why you don't see "Blade Runner" in theatres these days.

In Austin, Texas, at the Alamo Drafthouse, from June to August they will be featuring movies that came out in 1982. Among them are,The Road Warrior, Rocky III, Poltergeist, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, John Carpenter’s The Thing, and TRON. However, you won't find Blade Runner being shown there. In the article,  The Greatest Summer Movie Season Ever? According To The Alamo Drafthouse, It Was The "Summer Of 1982", on the website Complex Pop Culture, Zack Carlson, one of the Drafthouse’s fulltime programmers, explains:

"... numerous people now own the film [Blade Runner], meaning that lawyers had to get involved once Carlson came a-calling. One cold-blooded attorney, unfortunately, hasn’t been on the same page as Carlson, his Drafthouse crew, and all of Blade Runner’s other handlers, namely Ridley Scott himself, who has given his approval for the “Summer of 1982” look. “This lawyer was just like, ‘Why would it benefit us to screen this movie anywhere besides L.A.?’” says Carlson. “[He also said], ‘L.A. is the movie town, so why would we show it in some po-dunk Texas theater?’”

But they're not giving up. "We’re battling true evil to get Blade Runner on," added Carlson, "because, obviously, I feel like it must happen, and I’m not giving up.”

The only places that you'll legally be able to view Blade Runner, without the hassle, is in a school or university setting -- as has been the case over the years. THIS page explains how.

Now for some articles, art and music!




by Michael Gaydos

Source: by Enrique Giner 

 by James White

Blade Runner Character Art

Blade Runner’s Rachel by Siolo Thompson

Detective Holden waiting with Voight-Kampff machine, pen and ink, 11"x14"

Captain Bryant in his office. Pen and ink, 11" x 14"

Detective Gaff at the Market. Pen and ink, 11" x 14"

Rick Deckard waiting in the rain. Pen and ink, 11" x 14"

Leon Kowalski at the Tyrell Corp. Interview. “Let me tell you about my mother.” pen and ink, 11" x 14"




Jason Eaton's Blade Runner Blimp model is completed! Photos HERE!

Blade Runner's 30th anniversary is on June 25, 2012. Don't let that moment be lost in time...

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  1. His energy is unflagging. The list of projects he has lined up is endless – and placed near the top is another return to the past with a follow-up to Blade Runner. “We’re doing it again, but as of now I have no idea what it’s going to be. But Blade Runner was my most personal film, and it was important. It was a movie about being kind to each other. Now 30 years later that ain’t happening, so we should do another one to remind ourselves.”


  2. Thanks for the mention. Here's my article on the Blade Runner Bar Crawl, if you can't make it at WyrdCon: