Tuesday, September 27, 2016

HOMMAGE: A Blade Runner Tribute Album

This album, released September 21, 2016, is a tribute to all things "Blade Runner"..the book, as well as the movie and its score. Each has touched or inspired so many people around the world, in one way or another through the years.

Likewise, each artist who has contributed to this project is a fan of the late Philip K. Dick's book..Ridley Scott's movie..or Vangelis' iconic score. Each worked to the same mandate..to produce an original piece of music that was inspired by one or all three of the above..

This is their HOMMAGE to those who gave us Blade Runner. Nine tracks by four artists.

The HOMMAGE Project is basically four individuals who are members of an online music community, www.idmforums.com, who came together to produce this album.

Each one has their own influences and musical tastes, as is clearly evident by the differences in style found on this release.

Link here -->  https://thehommageproject.bandcamp.com/


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