Sunday, February 3, 2013


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Screenwriter, Scott Z. Burns, discusses his involvement with the Blade Runner sequel. When it was revealed that Ridley Scott had been working on a Blade Runner sequel for the last couple of years, there was understandably much excitement, with plenty of speculation as to when the film might see the light of day.

Among all the speculation was the suggestion that screenwriter Scott Z. Burns might be in the process of writing a script. That rumour was eventually shot down, but Burns himself has been talking about the project, and suggests that his involvement is still very much alive. You can read the article on the website Total Films.

In other news, Joanna Cassidy discusses her dancing video and the Blade Runner scene that never was. The interview is available at the Forbes website. And there are some awesome, exclusive photos from the shoot available at the BladeZone website HERE.

Blade Runners' Sean Young says she wants to come back for the sequel. Read the article HERE, from Cinema 

In November, "Castle" TV series : Season 5, Episode 6, "The Final Frontier", "Blade Runner" got a shout out! 

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This is a new cut from the upcoming Blade Runner fan film, Blade Runner 2.

British Made fan film based on Blade Runner. Made in and around the West Midlands featuring a cast from the UK and beyond. At time of posting (Feb 3rd 2013) the movie is in post production and should be released on Youtube in the Summer. 

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