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  • Denis Villeneuve Talks 4-Hour Cut Of ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Shortly after “Blade Runner 2049” opened this fall, editor Joe Walker discussed the wealth of material that didn’t make the nearly three-hour movie we all saw in cinemas. The one tidbit that captured many people’s attention was his revelation that “the first assembly of the film was nearly four hours and for convenience sake and – to be honest – my bladder’s sake, we broke it into two for viewings.” Most assumed this meant there’s some kind super, extended cut of “Blade Runner 2049” kicking around, but according to Denis Villeneuve, it was an idea that really didn’t get very far. More HERE.
  • Ridley Scott has plans for another Blade Runner sequel: "I've got another one ready to evolve" Don't write off the replicants just yet Blade Runner fans, as Sir Ridley Scott has confirmed that he still has a few ideas that he could turn into another film rattling around in his mind. More HERE.
  • Danger Close Studios is going to produce a 20-minute Blade Runner short fan film, based on Gerry Kissell's short fanfic story, "Solstice." 

The painting created for the short story, seen here, is actually the very first digital painting Gerry ever created, back in 1998.

Travis Williams, the producer, said,"I read that story and it was thrilling and even scary in a scene. I was shocked at what a fantastic story it was, and all I could think, after reading it was, I have got to make that into a movie."

Patrick Parenteau, someone else well known from the BladeZone crew, is also working on the film. He is famous for the Spinner CG animations early on, and one of the first CG artists to render a 3D model of the spinner. He has worked in both film and video game industries and is one of the best in his field.

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Blade Runner 2049 by @GlenBroganArt

Blade Runner 2049 by Andrew Sebastian Kwan

Blade Runner 2049 Concept Art by Peter Popken 




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