Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Blade Runner: White Dragon Cut Ver.5

Faithfully reproducing Blade Runner's final script

Faithfully reproducing Blade Runner's final script––screenplay dated February 23, 1981––kazuchoice has resumed work on Blade Runner: The White Dragon Cut, ver. 5.

When I last had contact with kazuchoice, back in May of 2012, he was still editing what he then called the White Dragon Finale Cut. But then he stopped, and I hadn't heard from him since. That is, until today. He wrote, "The biggest reason for it not being released back when I wanted was that the two major software programs (Final Cut Pro and Shake), which was the main axis of the Mac's replacement editing, did not work on the new Mac! Besides, the latest version of Final Cut Pro was not compatible with the previous data! Somewhat recently, the motivation for editing began to burn in my heart; I pulled out the old Mac, and data containing RAID that was stored in the back of the closet, and resumed editing!"

The White Dragon Cut was mentioned in the latest edition of Paul M. Sammon's book, "Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner." As a result, there has been an increase of fans searching the net for it. Although a torrent was made available for the last version (4) of it back in 2013, the hefty 10.7 GB may have deterred its propagation. However, some have recently made it available via cloud file sharing.

For this new version, kazuchoice is making some new, bold edits!

According to Sammon's book, some changes were made at the editing stage of the film's production. Among them are the following three points––where the flow of the movie was changed dramatically.
  1. From Zhora's retirement to Deckard and Rachel's love scene
  2. From Deckard and Rachel's love scene to Sebastian's apartment
  3. Deckard and Roy's chase scene

In "Blade Runner: White Dragon Cut version 4" (hereinafter referred to as "WDC 4"), 1 and 3 have been reworked as scripted. In "Blade Runner: White Dragon Cut version 5" (hereinafter referred to as "WDC 5"), 2 is further reworked as scripted––aiming for full reproduction of the script dated February 23, 1981.

In WDC 4, almost all the deleted cuts that were available were added to the main volume. There are also short ones, in as little as 1 second in length, that were added. In addition, kazuchoice had to figure out where all the deleted scenes went with the main scene that the cut was in. It took several months to classify the cuts––adding up to 345 in WDC4. And he will add up to more 4 deleted cuts in WDC5!

Attention color correction and scratch removal 

Since the deleted scenes were not color-adjusted to fit with the rest of the movie, color correction was performed in WDC 4 for consistency. In WDC 5, complete removal of scratches (scratches on the film) that remained on the deleted cuts was performed. Scratch removal was performed manually while confirming each and every scratch.

Re-create new scenes that were not filmed

In WDC 4, the scenes that were not filmed due to budget restraints, although they were in the final script, were reproduced perfectly.

  • Leon hiding on the ceiling of the apartment
  • Frozen Chew
  • Zhora's Snake Dance, etc.
WDC 5 remakes "Frozen Chew" and "Zhora's Snake Dance" In addition, in WDC 4, the police spinner drawn with still images is reproduced with CG under the cooperation of Toyshop Graphics, Inc.

Los Angeles in 2019 drawn by Syd Mead

Among the production sketches Syd Mead drew for Blade Runner, there are many that depict the appearance of Los Angeles in 2019. Ridleyville was made based on Syd Mead's sketch, but it merely reproduced a small part of the sketch.

WDC 5 challenges Ridleyville's production sketch of Syd Mead's by completing the reproduction. 

In addition, kazuchoice is adding a new scene with 3D police spinner. And, is also including a clue as to how Gaff may have known that Deckard is a replicant.   

Now, he is creating the cityscape of 2019 LA in 3D. He will upload the progress to his website.

Kazuchoice's created a new website where you can follow along and read about his progress on this and his other fan-edit projects→  White Dragon Cut––kazuchoice's FanEdit Site 

"Have a better one!"
(C.A. Chicoine)