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  • ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Finds Second Life on DVD and Blu-Ray With Over $21 Million in 2018 Sales Box office hits "It" and "Wonder" are also doing huge business on home video this year. Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049” was an unfortunate flop for Warner Bros. during its theatrical release last year. Despite earning critical acclaim (IndieWire gave the film an A- review), the long-awaited sequel just couldn’t catch on in theaters. “2049” tapped out with just $92 million in the U.S. and $259 million worldwide, well below the estimated $300 million the studio spent on production and marketing. But it turns out the sequel is still making money. Read more HERE.

  • Now for some articles, art, music, videos, podcasts, fanfiction, and some m



    ‘Blade Runner’ by Christopher Cox




    Episode 6: Blade Runner 2049


    Remembered Rachael

    by: Stephensmat


  • Pierrad - Typorama - Blade Runner. Animation about Blade Runner and Roy Batty's monologue
  • QUIZ: Which Frank Lloyd Wright Building Are You?
  • Blade Runner - Tyrell Building Paper Model - by Paper Aviation
  • Westwood Studios Blade Runner PC game
    • The following vids are of a series of special episodes that were created by the "Let's Play Blade Runner" team. The aim is basically to see as much as possible of the material in the game, and what is impossible to see with a single playthrough. The basic idea here, by the creators, was that each playthrough of the game was (potentially) different from the previous ones, thus increasing the replayability value. The missing content was recreated using the BladeRunner engine (WIP) in ScummVM. Enjoy!

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