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  • Where Blade Runner began: 50 years of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ~Ananyo Bhattacharya toasts Philip K. Dick’s prescient science-fiction classic.~ When science-fiction writer Peter Watts first opened Philip K. Dick’s 1968 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a word caught his eye. It was “friendlily”. How had Dick got that past an editor? As Watts told me: “I knew at that point that Dick had to be some kind of sick genius.” Further on in the novel are the boldly redundant “disemelevatored” and the sublime “kipple” — a word for ‘junk’ that encapsulates the stuff’s sinister tendency to multiply entropically. Only William Shakespeare coined neologisms as brazenly. 
Yet to debate Dick’s strengths as a stylist is to miss the point of Androids. For, as with much of his oeuvre (44 novels, 121 short stories and 14 short-story collections), it is ideas that propel the book into the imaginative stratosphere — and inspired director Ridley Scott to craft the masterly 1982 film adaptation, Blade Runner. Read more of the article HERE. 

  • Sean Young will be a guest at the July 13-15, Atlanta Comic Con at the Georgia World Congress Center!

To pre-order tickets for the July 13-15, Atlanta Comic Con please visit:

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Blade Runner Vector Poster by Bloody-Dingo

Artwork by Wyn Sexon

Artwork by Wyn Sexon

Blade Runner 2049 by Matt Anderson





Mini Blade Runner #06 by Jason Tammemagi

by Will HR

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